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    A zeolite is synthetic
    A zeolite is synthetic
    A zeolite is synthetic
    A zeolite is synthetic
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    Synthetic zeolite: applications

    A group of minerals that are similar in composition and contain in their structure alkali and alkaline earth metals are called zeolites. They are also aluminosilicates, the structure of which resembles a crystalline framework. This structure contains pores, which allows zeolites to be distinguished by good adsorption and the ability to participate in ionic processes. Zeolite of natural origin is distinguished by its ability to absorb heavy metals, oils, oil products and radionuclides. The same can be said about synthetic zeolite, due to which it has become popular and indispensable in many industries.

    Zeolite of synthetic origin, as well as natural, is capable of adsorbing water vapor or any substances whose state of aggregation is a gas, due to the fact that its molecular structure resembles a sieve. The ability to adsorb a substance is explained by its ability to exchange its positively charged ions with other similar cations.

    Varieties of synthetic zeolites

    Synthetic zeolite in Ukraine is mainly purchased for industrial applications, while substances of natural origin can be used for various medical purposes. The classification of synthetic zeolites by type is based on the diameter of their voids. Today, there are more than 500 types of artificial zeolites, each of which takes part in various industrial processes.

    The most common types are found in the oil refining industry, gas production, petroleum chemistry, energy, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, light industry, cryogenic, chemical spheres, construction.

    Synthetic zeolite is quite popular among manufacturers of detergents. It is often included in laundry and washing powders. Thanks to the inclusion of this material in the detergent composition, you can do without adding various phosphates to it.

    You can buy synthetic granular zeolite in our online store at a bargain price, regardless of the batch size. You can contact our manager to place an order or clarify in any way,

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