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    A rosin is a pine 3806109000

    A rosin is a pine
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    Pine rosin GOST 19113-84

    260 kg drums

    is used in the production of synthetic rubber, in pulp and paper, tire , rubber and paint and varnish industry

    pine rosin is a product of pine resin processing and consists mainly of resin acids

    Attention! Indicators correspond to the passport of the manufacturer's plant:

    Quality indicators

    < 7.5

    Prone to crystallization

    No honey porous sediment

    shelf life - 2 years from the date of production. Rosin should be stored in covered warehouses in the manufacturer's packaging, away from heat sources, out of direct sunlight

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    A type of solder is on the temperature of meltingFusible
    Guarantee term120
    Setting of gumboilSoldering

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