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    Coal БАУ-а
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    Coal БАУ-а
    Coal БАУ-а
    Coal БАУ-а
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    10 kg bags

    Activated carbon is a spongy substance that is extracted from various carbon-containing materials, of natural origin.

    It is made at high temperatures ( about 1000? C). The result is a substance that is almost one hundred percent carbon. Coal has a rather unsightly appearance, granules or black powder. The chemical composition of coal is very similar to graphite.

    The beneficial properties of activated carbon are manifested in the fact that it contains a huge number of pores, and therefore coal has very high adsorbing and catalytic actions.

    The use of activated carbon prevails in the medical and industrial sectors for the purification, separation and extraction of various substances.

    Still activated charcoal is often used at home as a multifunctional antidote, namely a medical preparation that neutralizes the toxic effect or excessive use of substances harmful to humans. And what exactly is activated carbon useful for the human body? All the benefits and harms of activated carbon have long been known to many people, but not to everyone. Let's consider them in more detail.

    The benefits of activated carbon are manifested in the following factors. Due to the high absorption capacity of coal, it is used for poisoning and flatulence, because it effectively and very quickly removes intoxication.

    In addition, it is considered a high-quality antidote, it absorbs all the poison and toxins, and does not allow their subsequent distribution, improves discharge from the gastrointestinal tract. It is often used for severe infectious diseases. It removes salts of heavy metals from the body, which cannot be removed in any other way. Coal has a positive effect on the body in case of alcohol poisoning, gastritis, diarrhea, which are accompanied by vomiting.

    Coal is also good for use in filters to purify air and water. It is even taken by allergy sufferers with mild allergies. In addition to activated carbon, similar adsorbing properties are possessed by such drugs like enterosgel and smecta.

    The harm of activated carbon is that it simultaneously removes some vitamins and minerals from the human body along with toxins, and after that you need to take vitamins to restore them in the body. Charcoal can have negative effects if you take it along with prescription drugs or dietary supplements.

    Activated charcoal will also not help with poisoning from narcotic or psychotropic drugs.

    Well, that's basically all the disadvantages of activated carbon. In a word, they are present, but nevertheless, most often they are drowned in a large number of the advantages of this drug. That is, the benefits of active carbon outweighed the comparison of its pros and cons.

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