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    Coagulant for a pool 0,5 kg in packing 2833220000

    Coagulant for a pool 0,5 kg in packing
    Coagulant for a pool 0,5 kg in packing
    Coagulant for a pool 0,5 kg in packing
    Coagulant for a pool 0,5 kg in packing
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    Coagulant for pools

    aluminum sulfate

    packaging 0.5 kg

    Swimming in a cool pool is a special kind of relaxation. Water gently massages the body, relieves muscle tension, gives peace and incredible relaxation. But what if the water becomes cloudy and cloudy, and the filtration system does not handle it properly? We recommend buying a coagulant for the pool at retail from 1 kg - this substance is able to maximally purify the water from any kind of pollution and return it to its crystal purity.

    Coagulant for the pool: what is it and what is its principle of action

    Let's see what a flocculant is - a special granular preparation that is able to remove the smallest particles of dust and dirt in the pool, as well as remove cloudiness.

    В it contains aluminum sulfate - this chemical component allows you to filter water as quickly and efficiently as possible and combine small impurities with each other into larger ones. It is absolutely safe for human health, does not cause allergies on the skin, therefore it is used wherever it is necessary to purify water from clouding.

    Aluminum sulfate significantly accelerates the precipitation of a flocculent sediment from a common colloidal solution, so all dirt is easily filtered out by the cleaning system or removed with a special vacuum cleaner for swimming pools.

    Each jar of the drug contains 0.5 kg of coagulant. Due to its moderate solubility, this substance will provide the water with purity and maximum transparency for a long time.

    Coagulant for the pool: instructions for use

    If your sand filter is in the pool does not cope well enough with the purification of water from dust, algae and microorganisms, it's time to start using a coagulant. It is also beneficial to use this substance because it works equally well in both very warm and cool water. The pH level is of greater importance for the coagulant - it should not exceed 7.4. Before using it, you should additionally check its level in your pool and adjust if necessary.

    The application rate is from 0.5 to 1 kg per 50 cubic meters of water in accordance with the international regulations for water treatment.

    Coagulant for the pool should be bought and used together with hydrogen peroxide - a popular disinfectant for swimming pools. This substance is added right in front of the filter and visually improves the quality of the water.

    After the filter has completely captured all the adhering particles of dirt, it should be thoroughly cleaned so that it will continue to work without interruption. To completely precipitate dust at the bottom of the pool, it is necessary to temporarily limit swimming in it and completely turn off the operation of the filtration system for a day.

    If you are dissatisfied with the level of purity and transparency of the water, it is worth increasing the dose and carrying out the procedure again.

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