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    Varieties of modified starches

    In the modern food industry, modified starches are used much more often than native ones. This is directly related to a number of their improved physical, chemical or biochemical properties, which allow improving the taste of the finished product.

    Special properties of modified starches

    We will immediately answer to the most popular question among users - are modified starches dangerous for human health? Do they have something in common with genetically modified foods? The answer is no.

    Modified starches are varieties of common plant starch that have undergone changes not at the stage of growing plants, but already in a finished form. As a result of such a modification, starch acquires new characteristics that are necessary for organizing the production process of various food products, namely:

    changing their texture;

    increasing resistance products to high temperatures;

    increasing or decreasing the viscosity of starch;

    decreasing or increasing the amount of time required for the final gelatinization of the product.

    Methods for modifying starches

    To correct the characteristics of unmodified, or native, starch use several main methods of direct exposure:

    1. Physical - spray drying, extrusion or drum drying. This is how pregelatinized starch is obtained, which swells in cold water. Due to the fact that no chemicals are used in the process, starch retains its natural properties as much as possible.

    2. Chemical - to modify natural starch, reagents are used that replace hydroxyl groups in the molecule. Thus, the substance acquires high resistance to high temperatures, low pH levels, as well as to the process of defrosting and freezing finished products.

    3. Enzymatic hydrolysis of starch - this chemical reaction is the main one in the industrial production of alcohol.

    At the moment, several dozen types of modified starches are produced in the world - they are used in the process of making food products, as in pure form, and in the composition of functional additives based on many components. Basically, these are ordinary starch, which is devoid of characteristic odor, its color and texture are changed.

    Modified starches: their use in the manufacture of food

    This substance is most often used in the food industry, namely:

    in the production of various types of sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup;

    There is a restriction on the addition of modified starch to the composition of food products - it should not exceed 10% of the total weight of the raw materials used. Its excess is fraught with a change in the taste and consistency of the product - it becomes rubbery, but also a deterioration in the functioning of the digestive tract organs in consumers.

    Modification starches: their variety and specificity

    This substance is divided into several typological groups:

    Swelling - these are starches that have been previously gelatinized. They are used in products made without heating.

    Split - the structure of such starches is modified with acids. After cooling, they form stable jellies, Therefore, such starches are advantageous to use in confectionery.

    Oxidized starches - they have a rather low tendency to retrogradation, and also have a reduced gelatinization temperature.

    Essential - they differ from other types of starches by the covalent bond between two starch chains. It is she who provides greater stability of the substance during heating, freezing, and defrosting - this substance is often used in the manufacture of fruit fillings in confectionery, baby food, creams and sauces.

    Esterified - they are often used used in the manufacture of readily soluble powders, frozen food, and bakery products.

    CompositionStarch is the modified corn
    TypeStarch is modified Ukraine

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