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    Methoxypropyl acetate

    Methoxypropyl acetate

    container 200 l

    made in Poland

    Methoxypropyl acetate: basic characteristics and industrial use

    It is impossible to imagine a modern enterprise in the automotive, printing or paint and varnish industry, which would not massively use methoxypropyl acetate. This chemical does an excellent job of dissolving different types of resins and paints, it is indispensable in the process of printing and cleaning industrial equipment.

    Methoxypropyl acetate: formula, basic physical and chemical characteristics

    Outwardly, this chemical substance looks like a mobile colorless liquid, it has a mild ethereal aroma of medium volatility and poor solubility in water. But the substance mixes well with most organic solvents - alcohols, ketones, glycols and their ethers.

    The formula of the substance is C?H??O?, and its main physical and chemical properties are as follows:

    the molar mass of the substance is 132.16 g / mol;

    it contains no more than 0.05% water;

    the temperature at the beginning of the distillation is 140 ?С, and at the end - 150 ?С;

    according to the platinum-cobalt scale, the chromaticity of the substance is 10;

    boiling range 145-147 В° C;

    the substance ignites at a temperature of 315 В° C.

    Methoxypropyl acetate: use in industry

    This substance is often used in the process of obtaining complex molecular substances, as well as an effective retarder for the drying of the main type of solvent in flexo printing.

    preventive cleaning of industrial equipment costs. In the printing process, methoxypropyl acetate is indispensable because it allows you to ensure a smooth process of work on high-speed printing machines. This is especially true in the cold season.

    The production of paints based on this solvent makes them almost universal, in contrast to water-borne and UV paints. They can be used on all types of materials:

    cardboard and paper with an absorbent backing;

    films with a non-absorbent backing;

    foil made of aluminum.

    Methoxypropyl acetate based inks can be used for interlaminar and frontal printing. They have all the required durability characteristics required by the printing industry. Also, this substance improves their applicability and spreadability, facilitates their leveling on the surface.

    Methoxypropyl acetate has also been used in industrial production, engaged in the manufacture of engraving and flexographic inks, as well as inks used for screen printing.

    Methoxypropyl acetate: properties and toxicity of the substance

    This substance has the ability to accumulate water from the air of its environment. Methoxypropyl acetate, according to the classification of the level of toxicity of chemicals, belongs to class 3.

    It practically does not have a toxic effect on the human body with a single ingestion of a small amount of it. Also, methoxypropyl acetate is not hazardous if it comes in contact with skin once or if inhaled once. If in the air in the room it is contained in large quantities, this substance can put a person to sleep according to the principle of action of drugs, used to immerse patients under anesthesia.

    Methoxypropyl acetate is a substance that does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. It is safe enough for human health and life. Also, it is not toxic to living organisms that live in the aquatic environment. If you introduce a small amount of it into specially adapted treatment plants in water bodies, this will reduce the decomposing effect of the interaction of activated sludge with its environment.

    This chemical substance does not contain organically bound halogens in its composition. Also, do not expect any negative effects from the accumulation of a significant amount of methoxypropyl acetate in the body.

    Storage and usage details

    As for the transportation of a chemical compound, for this it is worth using a reliable container that closes tightly. It is better that it is made of durable metal - it can be cans, tanks, cisterns. The substance should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight, heating devices and moisture. It is allowed to transport methoxypropyl acetate by any type of water, air and land transport only if the above recommendations are observed.

    Place containers with methoxypropyl acetate in transport as far as possible from sources of possible sparking, and the substance must be protected from contacts with open flame and oxygen - as a result of the reaction of its interaction with air, an explosive mixture is formed.

    It is recommended that during the use of the substance and after the end of work, completely ventilate the room, as well as use explosion-proof lighting and equipment when working with it.

    Workers using methoxypropyl acetate should remember that an open the container with the substance should be located away from sources of static electricity.

    The use of methoxypropyl acetate in industrial production implies the use of protective glasses and workwear - rubber gloves, safety shoes and workwear, respirators for additional protection of the body. If the substance comes into contact with the skin, rinse it with warm water. Used packaging after methoxypropyl acetate must be disposed of as household waste.


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