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    Khlorparafin KHP-52 3824909790

    Khlorparafin KHP-52
    Khlorparafin KHP-52
    Khlorparafin KHP-52
    Khlorparafin KHP-52
    Khlorparafin KHP-52
    Khlorparafin KHP-52
    Khlorparafin KHP-52
    Khlorparafin KHP-52
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    Chlorinated paraffin HP-52 is a universal plasticizer

    To improve the physical properties of lubricants, enamel paints in industrial production, chlorinated paraffin HP-52 is widely used. The price and ease of use of this substance can significantly improve the quality of paints and varnishes.

    Chloroparaffin HP-52: properties and general characteristics of the substance

    Chlorinated paraffin in liquid form is synthesized due to the chlorination reaction of paraffin melted at a temperature of 90 to 120 В° C. After cooling to a temperature of 60-70 В° C, a stabilizing substance is added to it - usually an epoxy compound is the basis.

    Chlorinated paraffin is a liquid with an oily texture, it is transparent, without impurities and sediment. Its color ranges from slightly yellow to pale brown. In an aqueous medium, this substance enters into a hydrolysis reaction. It dissolves well in industrial oils, chlorine-based solvents, ketones, ethers. Chlorinated paraffin HP-52 is also worth buying if you need its interaction with rubber and resins. When it gets into an environment with a temperature exceeding 150 В° C, the substance decomposes and higher chloro-olefins are formed.

    Chlorinated paraffin is difficult to ignite, this substance is low-toxic and non-explosive. It has been assigned a 3rd toxicity class, the substance freezes at a temperature of 0 В° C, therefore, in the cold season it must be transported in a heated vehicle.

    Chlorinated paraffin HP-52: application and storage features

    The use of chlorinated paraffin at the enterprises of the paint and varnish industry makes it possible to impart improved fire-retardant and water-resistant properties to finished products. It is used in:

    the process of impregnating paper, fabrics, polymer films;

    the production of PVC-compositions - this substance gives them greater plasticity;

    creating products with a lower cost - chlorinated paraffin is a liquid filler;

    making PVC pastes, rubber goods - the substance plasticizes the emulsion resin;

    in the production of soft roofing materials;

    as a secondary plasticizer of PVC compositions used in cable compounds;

    varnishes based on nitrocellulose, with which different types of wood are processed.

    When working with chlorinated paraffin HP-52, the viscosity of which is insufficient, it is worth using special protective agents for hands and mucous membranes membranes of the eyes. It is necessary to store the substance in a sealed container made of steel or polyethylene - it should not be exposed to sunlight and moisture.

    Chlorinated paraffin HP-52 manufacturers recommend transporting it exclusively by road or rail. It is subject to storage throughout the year, subject to storage in cool and dry rooms.

    Compositionхлорпарафин хп-52
    Form of supply of materialæèäêèé/ñóõîé
    Packinga barrel is 260 kg
    Weight260 g

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