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    Technical ethyl spirit
    Technical ethyl spirit
    Technical ethyl spirit
    Technical ethyl spirit
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    Ethyl alcohol: properties of the substance

    The main advantage of this drug is the ability to use it both externally and internally. The price of ethyl alcohol is very affordable, because the substance contains only purified water and ethanol. By the way, ethanol is a monohydric alcohol, which is contained in the preparation in different proportions. For example, its 70% solution is used to penetrate the substance into the deeper layers of the epidermis, and its 90% solution has a strong tanning effect.

    The product demonstrates an excellent disinfecting effect when applied externally - with its help, it is really possible to quickly destroy all microorganisms on the surface of the skin that provoke various diseases. Also ethyl alcohol, the liquid of which promotes protein coagulation, allowed to be used intravenously. When a substance enters the body, it has a powerful stimulating effect on the brain and nervous system. Ethanol helps to slow down the respiratory center, as well as suppress the main functions of the spinal, oblong brain.

    The antiseptic properties of the substance increase in proportion to how the dosage of ethanol increases in relation to water. Systemic use of ethyl alcohol can cause general anesthesia and analgesia.

    In addition to the direct use of the substance for medicinal purposes, it is also used as a solvent for medicinal products and an extractant for substances contained in herbal raw materials for medications .

    Ethyl alcohol: composition of the drug

    Ethanol is the main substance here, its dosage ranges from 95.1% to 96.9%, purified water acts as an additional component. The drug is sold in bottles in liquid form.

    Ethyl alcohol: use in medicine

    The substance is especially effective as a disinfectant and as a component of warming compresses. It should also be used for:

    urgent cleansing of the skin from viruses and bacteria in case of damage;

    treatment of the surgical field and the surgeon's hands before surgery;

    treating the skin of patients sensitive to other antiseptic agents;

    and its interaction with nitrofurans and antibiotics with antimicrobial action is fraught with an increase in their neurotoxicity.

    Ethyl alcohol is not recommended to buy in Kiev when taking acetylsalicylic acid - the interaction of these substances provokes the development of stomach ulcers. The combination of ethanol with taking sleeping pills, in turn, leads to difficulty breathing.

    Use during pregnancy and lactation

    Ethyl alcohol should not be used for treatment pregnant and breastfeeding women. If there is an urgent need to use it, it is worth temporarily suspending breastfeeding.

    Ethyl alcohol: instructions for use

    Ethyl alcohol is a well-known and long-used antiseptic; when applied externally, overdose does not happen. To prepare warming compresses on the skin, the substance is diluted in a ratio of 1 to 1 with water.

    If the drug is taken uncontrolled inside, the following are observed:

    breathing problems;

    convulsions and laryngospasms;

    deterioration of the nervous system;


    Ethyl alcohol, the production of which is well established in Ukraine, can also provoke an overdose. At its first manifestations, you need to consult a doctor for gastric lavage, and you should also take enterosorbents.

    Storage rules for the substance

    It is much more profitable and convenient to buy ethyl alcohol in bulk. Remember that after manufacturing, the drug is allowed to be stored for no more than 5 years at a temperature not exceeding 25 В° C.

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