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    Kisneviy відбілювач N³mechchina 2836999000

    Kisneviy відбілювач N³mechchina
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    Sour vibiluvach OXYPER® : warehouse and main characteristics of speech

    Kisnevy vibiliuvach is an efficient and effective response, which allows it to be practically used as a beach without the need to store strong chemicals. Establishments for an ecologic warehouse that is safe for the health of people, and it has become one of the most popular on the market by-hand tools for cleaning.

    Visually, it looks like small big granules, they can be seen at the water. With a bezposeredny contact with water, the speech molecules are sour, as they allow the disinfection of the odeans, they can be seen with the help of a pleasant smell. Vibilyuvach is sold yak okremo, so і enter to the warehouse of bagatokh miyuchih zasobіv - yo grow out in warm or cool water for usunennya zhovtizní and gray color on big speeches.

    to enter such a non-toxic speech yak soda, wine є absolutely non-baking yak for the function of the system and water supply, as well as for the supply. Bezpechn_she for people, or deprives of vibelyuvannya bіlogo odyagu pіd direct sleepy exchanges! If you ts_kavit sisnevy vib_lyuvach, see about yogo d_yu, then you turned up for the address. The active process of spreading speech near the water of the vivilnennya part of the garden can be repaired even when the water is consumed at a temperature of 50 ° C. The most vipadku can reach the bastard effect of the vibration of speeches and usunenny from the surface of the natural hike to the most beautiful beaches.

    The peculiarities of the sour vibe

    On the most popular , albeit absolutely not safe for the health of people, chlorine vibrating, tsya speech:

    does not have an unpleasant smell;

    it is easy to wear clothes;

    of the first part of the city do not wake up to allergic reactions to skirts;

    go for any color.

    Surrounding the cleansing of the mind-boggling efficacy, the sour vibe is also effective for the different types of microorganisms. For an affordable price, you will take away the disinfection of a childish and overbearing garment, a post-and-kitchen appliance, as well as a scum on the spiral heating in a pralny machine. Plants of carbonate-ions, which are formed when sodi is separated from the water, help the water supply.

    Kisnevy vibiliuvach: stuck in the spheres of domestic government

    This is an ideal component for using organics on the basis of the beach, so that it can penetrate deeply into the structure of the fabric. There are about traces of blood, herbs, juices, fruits, їzhі.

    Threesomes are more likely to fit in with traces of fat and beaches of synthetic walking, Let it be soaked in vibrant speech for a moment, and then let it go, and you can reach the ideal purity. This kind of vibrating can be victorious for the front soaking of the oily - especially it is necessary for the speeches of the white color, as it becomes gray or chewy in an hour.

    In the water, it is necessary to choose 1-2 spoons to pick up 1-2 spoons. yogo rezchinennya, and then soak speeches. If the beaches are not great, then it’s just one year, but if it’s old or even great, then the speeches will be overlooked for the whole night. To give the speeches of a birch color, 1 spoon of sour vibiluvach is added to the powder before the cob of manual or machine pranny. It is not recommended to zastosovuvati yogo for a peek behind the wool, with a natural chi piece stitch. You can bring to the non-transferable inheritance in the viglyadi snakes of color, for the ruin of the quality of the fabric.

    Kisnevy vibiliuvach: yak vikory, by the way, okrim yak for good clothes?


    Surrounding prannya bilikh, color and dark speeches, and sour vibes can also be used for watching the beaches on the kilim pokritty. For a large amount of money, 1 spoon of a vibrant vibe with a glass of water and a small bottle of water, we will sprinkle the plyama. To reduce the effect, fill it up with 30 quills, or rather rinse it with water.

    It is not less effective to cope with the difficulties on the coughs, food, plumbing in the toilets and bathrooms. For the help of the sour vibrant, you can clean the inner part of the unitase from the bottom of the sheet - this can also reduce the specific inappropriate smell and contaminated bacteria. Yakshcho you have buried їzha in the castrul, nothing terrible. You can buy a sour vibe from us, do not go out of the booth - you should be able to deal with the whole problem, it is not enough to have a small amount of speech in the middle of the dishes, pour it with sprinkles and overflow it into nothing. If you can, I can hand over the dishes in the dishwashing machine.

    Yak is infinitely safe and victorious, by the way, is it sour vibe?

    Remember, what a speech, I wish I was baked for the do-it-yourself message, after all, you can provoke some unwanted side reactions. When soaked or pranny speeches, I will hand them over to the vicarians of the sour vibiluvach varto obov ' Put on the mittens clearly. Tse will help you to find unique mock teasing of shkiri. The slimy sheath of the eyes can also be hurt when you are eating on the surface of the parts of the vibrant, then you should be especially careful during the process of prana.

    The schob is sourly vibrant as efficiently as possible when it is paranoid, it is necessary correctly:

    do not separate us in a single container with acids - the price is increased to an increased level of gas supply;

    uniquely obtain a vibration from the mainstream - through an excess of water kissen і, apparently, corsnі power;

    in connection with the high fire, it is not recommended to take care of the primitives with an increased temperature, before direct sleepy interchanges, for bezposerednom contact with organic razchinniki;

    take a sour vibylyuvach next to people, where children do not have access. With the right vikorstannіtsei, you can vibrate your speeches, add some microbes and a gift of fresh scent.

    You can buy a sour vibelyuvach in Kiev for a vivid price from us. Add goods right at a time!

    add a fresh scent to їх microbes and a gift.

    You can buy a sour vibiluvach in Kiev for a great price from us. Add goods right at a time!

    add a fresh scent to їх microbes and a gift.

    You can buy a sour vibiluvach in Kiev for a great price from us. Add goods right at a time!

    Basic type of fabricViskoza|Dlya of all types of ткани|Лен|Синтетика|Хлопок|Шелк|Шерсть
    Feature of meanOrganic
    Typepercarbonate of натрію
    Type of linenBeloe|Lyuboe|svetloe|temnoe|tsvetnoE|chernoe
    Type of washableAvtomat|Poluavtomat|Ruchnaya washable
    Washable of child's clothesTrue
    Weight500 g

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