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    But it is not as beneficial to human health as natural sugar, which is found in many fruits and roots, as well as honey and flowers. It is called fructose.

    Fructose: what it is and what features of this substance

    It is fructose that provides the natural sweet taste of products and prepared foods. It is 1.2 times sweeter than white sugar and much healthier for humans. Fructose, the formula of which is C6H12O6, contains many useful components and a small amount of calories, unlike other types of sweeteners.

    Outwardly fructose looks like a white crystalline substance without a noticeable odor. It is highly soluble in water, better than other types of sugar and sweeteners. The density of fructose is 1.694 g / cm3, it melts at 103 ° C, and the molar mass of this substance is 180.16 g / mol.

    Due to the fact that this sweetener has practically no restrictions on its use during the preparation of food, it is ideal for the manufacture of confectionery and bakery products.

    Fructose, the instructions for the use of which does not prohibit its use in other industries, except for cooking, has long been successfully used in the cosmetic industry. This organic component does not cause allergic reactions and diathesis on the skin in adults and children, therefore it is suitable for creating eco cosmetics.

    Fructose: its structure, properties, use in everyday life

    This substance is also called fruit or fruit sugar, found in his description and also such a name as levulose. Interestingly, it is the reaction between glucose and fructose that results in sucrose, a white crystalline sugar.

    Fructose is one of the main components in the process of making corn syrup. Due to the fact that it is a natural substitute for sugar, it is allowed and even recommended for use by persons suffering from dental and allergic diseases, as well as types 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus. A fructose-based diet is useful for patients of any age, even children - it has an effective effect on the body of athletes and people suffering from excess weight.

    What are the benefits of using fructose in foods? She:

    positively affects the texture and taste of food;

    improves the structure, sweetness and height of baked goods;

    gives baked goods a more pleasant aroma and an evenly baked crust.

    Fructose is an irreplaceable component of various types of fermented milk and dairy products, as well as desserts and ice cream. For fructose 1 kg, the online price in our online store is more than affordable, so it is often used as a substitute for granulated sugar in the process of making jams and preserves from berries and fruits. One of its important properties is the ability to improve the natural taste and aroma of berries and fruits.

    Fructose: characteristics of the advantages of using the substance

    Why is it worth gradually replacing sucrose with fructose? Fructose should be used at least because it:

    Provides the safest carbohydrates for humans. They do not provoke increased production of insulin by the pancreas, do not increase the glycemic index and blood sugar concentration.

    Does not accumulate in the body and is promptly excreted.

    Faster absorbed by the body. Its use allows you to recover faster after mental or physical exertion than eating white granulated sugar.

    Fructose: where to buy and how to store it

    The use of this substance in food is especially recommended for those who suffer from hypoglycemia, atherosclerosis, impaired glucose tolerance, chronic diseases of the oral cavity and coronary heart disease. But remember that the maximum permissible dose of fructose per day for adults is no more than 40 g. An excess of fructose in the diet leads to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, as well as to blockage of blood vessels with cholesterol deposits.

    Fructose, which must be stored in the most dry room without access to direct sunlight, is vital for those who are struggling with excess weight, but do not want to deprive themselves of sweets.

    Price for fructose in Kiev we have very affordable. In the catalog of our online store you can familiarize yourself with the description and cost of various types of chemical raw materials.

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