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    Polyethylene high pressure 10903-020 Novopolotsk 3901109000

    Polyethylene high pressure 10903-020 Novopolotsk
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    • Availability: In stock
    • Packaging: Тонна
    • SKU: 1206346781
    • ТН ВЭД: 3901109000
    • The country of manufacture: Беларусь
    • vendor code: 1572-1
    • Status: предоплата

    Designed for the manufacture of technical products, products in contact with food, toys, films and film products, use in medicine (including the manufacture of products approved for packaging medicines), in agricultural activity.

    Storage rules for LDPE 10903-020

    Storage conditions - temperature not higher 25 С, relative air humidity 40-80%. Store in a closed room, out of direct sunlight, at a distance of at least 1m from heating devices.

    Brief description:

    Guarantee term12
    Index of fluidity of fusion2.0 ã/10 mines
    Packing25 kg sack
    Type of polyethylenePolyethylene high pressure LDPE
    Weight25 g

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