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    Cement of м-400 ÏÖ-á 25 kg of Yamnitsa 2523300000

    Cement of м-400 ÏÖ-á 25 kg of Yamnitsa
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    Cement of м-400 ÏÖ-á 25 kg of Yamnitsa Bulk prices
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    • Packaging: тонна
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2523300000
    • The country of manufacture: Украина
    • vendor code: 1901
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    cement m-400

    minimum shipment 100 kg, pickup in Vishnevoe, check the cost of delivery with the manager.

    PC-B 25 kg bag

    manufacturer: PAT "Ivano-Frankivskcement"

    country of origin: Ukraine

    Portland cement PC II / B-K (Sh-V-P) -400R-N vikoristovuyutsya for the preparation of concrete grades 100-400, concrete rods and non-structural structures for all types of construction.
    < The cement will become stagnant when the foundation is built, as there is no storage and special groundwater, and it is necessary to fix the concrete.

    PC II / B-K (W-V-P) -400 R- I can reload before the cements PC I-500-N and PC II / B-SH-400-N when prepared with a set of acidity, so I must enter the warehouse of screeds in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.
    > In the summer period with the construction of concrete structures, the production center II / B-K (SH-V-P) -400 R-N, due to the low heat appearance in the cob period of pressure, yes it is possible to change the special construction of concrete, with .

    The power of cob pressure is positively infused into the preparation of cement rods. The stench is better to take over its power,

    Brand of cementM400
    Packing25 kg
    Packing weight25.0

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