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    A lime is extinguished Poland тм "NATURA" 2522200000

    A lime is extinguished Poland тм "NATURA"
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    • Packaging: тонна
    • SKU: 1206346803
    • ТН ВЭД: 2522200000
    • The country of manufacture: Польша
    • vendor code: 1912
    • Status: предоплата

    Slaked lime (fluff) the best quality on the market

    25 kg bags (as pictured)


    lime slaked NATURAВ®

    production: "Lhoist Bukowa" Sp. z oo

    country of origin: Poland

    quality indicators:

    Warto?ci ?rednie za 2017 *

    CaO + MgO - 96.0%

    MgO - 0.7%

    Ca (OH) 2 - 92.9%

    CO2 - 1.0%

    SO3 - 0.1%

    Zawarto?? wolnej wody - 0.6% <

    Form of supply of materialPowder
    Limein асортиментне
    To exterminate a kindA lime builds
    To exterminate a sort1
    To exterminate типаextinguished
    Weight25 g

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