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    Chelate of zinc of Zn-10% IDHA 2922498500

    Chelate of zinc of Zn-10% IDHA
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    • SKU: 1206346808
    • ТН ВЭД: 2922498500
    • The country of manufacture: Польша
    • vendor code: 1917
    • Status: предоплата

    Zinc chelate

    microfertilizer, biodegradable chelating agent Zn-10% IDHA

    Zn-10% content (complete chelation)

    packaging 25 kg (sale from a bag of 25 kg)

    production: Przedsi?biorstwo Produkcyjno-Consultingowe ADOB Sp. z oo Sp. k.

    country of origin: Poland

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    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Maximal temperature of effective action100.0
    Minimum temperature of effective action100.0 hail.
    Preparativnaya formPowder
    Type of fertilizerChelate of zinc of Zn-10%
    Weight25 g
    Zinc10.0 %

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