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    Formiat of sodium
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    the scope of application of sodium formate is construction, as an antifreeze additive in the construction of various concrete structures, it must also be taken into account that concrete with the addition of formate cannot be used in structures reinforced with steel grades AT-IY, AT-YI, A-IY and A-U ... Below are the proportions for adding sodium formate to concrete:

    1. at a pour point of concrete up to -5 add 2% formate (in terms of dry product)

    2. at a pour point of concrete up to -10 add 3%

    3. at a pour point of concrete up to -15 apply 4% < the name "sodium formic acid" hides the usual diffuse powder. It is also known as sodium formate and is used in a wide variety of industries, from agriculture to textile and food processing. On product packaging, it is found under the abbreviation E237.

      Sodium formate: formula and main characteristics < quot ;; "> > has a sufficient level of hygroscopicity;

      ; does not dissolve well in alcohols;

      В· ; dissolves in water;

      ; has no intense taste or smell.

      Sodium formic acid buy is needed because it is a generic type of chemical. It is suitable for adding as a preservative to food, papermaking, dyeing wallpaper and various types of fabrics.

      Sodium formate: application substances in industry

      This chemical component is used as an antifreeze additive to various types of concrete and mortars. Sodium formic acid accelerates the hardening of concrete, therefore, it is certainly used in the process of erecting reinforced concrete and monolithic structures. Sodium formate in concrete is also added in order to carry out construction work in the winter.

      This substance is added to mixtures that prevent icing on the roads. It has anti-corrosion effect, prevents damage to car parts made of metal.

      Sodium formate in medicine there was a use in the production process of non-sterile dosage forms.

      Buy sodium formate beneficial in our company and used as an affordable preservative for cosmetics and food.



    CompositionFormiat of sodium (sodium муравьинокислый) of Sodium formate
    Packing25 kg

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