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    Alcohol for disinfection 2905120020

    Alcohol for disinfection
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2905120020
    • The country of manufacture: Польша
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    • Brand name: Импорт

    alcohol for disinfection buy in Kiev from a warehouse by self-pickup or order a delivery calculation

    ethyl alcohol 99% for the production of antiseptics and other disinfectants, both on an industrial scale and for household purposes (you can make an antiseptic at home on the principle of alcohol + hydrogen peroxide + glycerin, all components can be bought from us)

    alcohol for disinfection is packaged in steel barrels 200 liters (pictured directly from our warehouse)

    the price of alcohol is indicated for filling, the cost of 1 barrel is 500 hryvnia

    please note,you can also buy sodium hypochlorite in cans, neochlor (novochlor), bleach (bleach), soliclor, chlorell, chlorine tablets, and other disinfectants, the price depends on the batch, all questions can be clarified in the sales department:


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