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    Pimol the concentrated acid cleaning mean 3402209000

    Pimol the concentrated acid cleaning mean
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    Universal concentrated agent for cleaning and washing surfaces, premises, sanitary equipment, industrial equipment, process pipelines, heat exchangers, inventory, packaging (including such contact with food), etc.

    Basic properties

    Aqueous working solutions of the disinfectant have a cleansing and washing effect, moderate foaming; remove salts of water hardness, rust, beer, milk, wine, urinary stone and other contaminants; significantly reduce microbial contamination; have a moderate corrosive effect on low-carbon steels, not capable of damaging surfaces made of chromium-nickel steel, aluminum, copper, tin, rubber, plastic, ceramics, glass, porcelain, faience, metlakh tiles, etc.

    Efficiency of rust removal - not less than 90% (in relation to the standard). The product is not intended for cleaning surfaces with enamel and paint coatings.

    Scope of application

    Enterprises of the food processing industry and trade, public catering, healthcare institutions, public utilities household and sports and recreation (baths, saunas, showers, swimming pools, etc.), administrative and public buildings, railway transport, etc.

    Method of application

    To determine the modes of application of the product, it is recommended to carry out a test wash. Application methods - wiping, irrigation, filling and immersion followed by cleaning with a brush or a brush.

    The agent is used in the form of aqueous working solutions in a concentration of 5% to 50% (for the preparation) at a solution temperature of 5-60 ° C, depending on the object of treatment, the intensity and type of pollution, the method of using the product, the user's available time resource. The solution must act on the contamination for at least 5-10 minutes, after which the contamination must be rubbed. Closed systems, pipelines are filled with a solution and ensure its circulation. In case of severe contamination, the treatment is repeated, to accelerate the cleaning, the concentration and temperature of the solution are increased.

    The solution consumption for surface treatment is 50-200 ml / m2. Small objects are immersed in the solution. After finishing the treatment, the objects are washed with water. The quality of rinsing of the agent is controlled in the absence of foaming in the rinse water and by the pH of the rinse water, which should correspond to the pH of tap water.

    Composition of the agent

    Acid hydrochloric, complexonate, cationic PAR (HR) 1-5%, non-ionic PAR 1-5%, corrosion inhibitor, water up to 100%.

    Does not contain phosphates. PARs meet the requirements of the Technical Regulations for Detergents in terms of the degree of biological degradation.

    Safety Measures

    When using the product in closed systems, it is necessary to ensure the removal of carbon dioxide. Observe the safety measures indicated on the packaging.

    Storage conditions and shelf life

    Type of meanDisinfectant liquid

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