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    Peroxigen 5 litres 35% 2847000000

    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
    Peroxigen 5 litres 35%
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    Promotion !!! When buying 10 canisters of hydrogen peroxide, you get a gift of 5 liters hand sanitizer "Kovisept"

    What if the pool water turns green? Call us!

    We bring to your attention medical hydrogen peroxide in 5 liter packaging with a concentration of 35%. This consumer packaging is ideal for household needs, pay attention to the perhydrol that you purchase at the pharmacy at a concentration of 3% is suitable for disinfection of wounds, our peroxide 35% and 60% is a caustic substance and when it comes into contact with the skin leaves a slight chemical burn in the form of a white spot, the burn mark disappears after a few hours, it is strictly forbidden to allow contact with the eyes. >

    Peroxide 5 liters is ideal for disinfecting water at home, including mini-pools, both indoors and outdoors. What to do if the pool water blooms? This question is faced by pool owners with the onset of summer. The solution is simple - you need to disinfect the water with hydrogen peroxide. Attention, expert's recommendation regarding the rate of hydrogen peroxide consumption for the pool:

    Concentration 60% - 0.5 liters per 1 cubic meter water

    Concentration 35% - 0.7 liters per 1 cube of water

    How often do you add peroxide to your pool? It all depends on the number of visits to the pool, of course, if the pool is located in a sports complex with hundreds of visitors, the need for disinfection arises weekly, and peroxide can be poured into the home pool 2-3 times during the summer. For large pools, packaging is available 10 liters and 20 liters . Please do not forget, after the peroxide solution is poured into the water, refrain from visiting the pool for at least a day. The main advantage of perhydrol is high quality disinfection with no chlorine odor and skin irritation, absolute absence of allergic reactions even in people with sensitive skin.

    As for the delivery of hydrogen peroxide: delivery is carried out by the delivery service, other services do not. All questions regarding the purchase can be clarified in the sales department: (050) 495-37-71

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