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    Acid is nitric 2808000000

    Acid is nitric
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    Nitric acid (Ukraine) Cans 35 kg

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    Nitric acid (Ukraine)

    Cans 35 kg

    NITRIC ACID, reactive grades "Ch" "KhCh"

    TU U 24.1-33270581-028: 2008

    Nitric acid ( HNO3) is a strong monobasic acid. Nitric acid looks like a colorless or slightly yellowish transparent liquid. Nitric acid can be mixed with water in any ratio. Smokes in the air, releasing nitrogen oxides and nitric acid vapors. Since nitric acid is an oxidizing agent, it can spontaneously ignite on contact with most materials. Application

    Mainly used in the radio-electronic and electronic industries: in the production of microminiature electronic and radio equipment, as a component of electrolytes for electrochemical and chemical etching, optoelectronic devices, quantum generators. Also used in the production of ion exchange resins, catalysts and in other fields of technology and science.

    Metric name Brand
    “ H ”“ HH ”
    1. Mass fraction of HNO 3 ,%, not less 56 56
    2. Mass fraction of residue after calcination,%, not more 0,005 0.001
    3. Mass fraction of sulfates,%, no more 0,002 0 , 0001
    4. Mass fraction of phosphates,%, no more than 0.002 0.00002
    5. Mass fraction of chlorides,%, no more 0.0005 0.00003
    b. Mass fraction of iron,%, no more 0.0003 0.00002
    7. Mass fraction of heavy metals,%, no more 0.00002 0.00002

    Nitric acid is shipped to the consumer

    grade "CH" - tanks 50-60 tons;

    grade "KhCh" - 28 kg glass bottles in plastic crate, plastic container, consumer containers made of stainless steel or plastic cans, suitable according to NTD for the transportation of acid.

    Storage and transportation

    Stored at a temperature not exceeding 30 В° C, in the manufacturer's packaging, in dark covered warehouses separately from other reagents. Can be transported by any type of transport in compliance with all the rules for the carriage of goods. Guaranteed shelf life: 6 months from the date of production. <

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