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    Acetylenogen 120 kg (Russia of VOAO "Khimprom") 25*80 2849100000

    Acetylenogen 120 kg (Russia of VOAO "Khimprom") 25*80
    Acetylenogen 120 kg (Russia of VOAO "Khimprom") 25*80
    Acetylenogen 120 kg (Russia of VOAO "Khimprom") 25*80
    Acetylenogen 120 kg (Russia of VOAO "Khimprom") 25*80
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    Acetylenogen 120 kg (Russia of VOAO "Khimprom") 25*80 Bulk prices
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2849100000
    • The country of manufacture: Украина, Еврос
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    • Brand name: Химпром

    Calcium carbide, chemical formula CaC2, Displacement, cubic meters dm / kg - 250 - 280. Packing drums net 120 kg. Delivery from 1 t for FREE

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    Calcium carbide is produced at the production site of JSC" Khimprom ". JSC "Khimprom" is one of the largest producers of calcium carbide of the domestic chemical complex. Currently, the main activities of VOAO Khimprom are the production and sale of chemical products for technical purposes, and this is an impressive list of inorganic and organochlorine compounds, polymers and plasticizers, solvents and freons.

    VAO Khimprom is actively engaged in production consumer goods, including various names of synthetic detergents, insecticides, disinfectants and detergents, car care products. In 2004, Khimprom JSC launched a modern Italian line for the production of aerosol preparations. JSC "Khimprom" has all the capabilities allowing the production of quality chemical products that meet the most demanding customer requirements.

    Main specification of calcium carbide:

    Packing of calcium carbide: How As a rule, calcium carbide is packed in steel drums with a high degree of tightness. To date, today calcium carbide is packaged by the manufacturer in drums with a net weight of 120 kg.

    Physicochemical properties: Calcium carbide shows a fairly high chemical activity in contact with water, decomposing with the formation of the so-called slaked lime and acetylene. Water temperature is directly proportional to the rate of decomposition of calcium carbide. Depending on the total mass of impurities, calcium carbide is divided into 1 and 2 grades.

    Storage and transportation of calcium carbide: Provided that the integrity of the factory packaging of calcium carbide and the absence of the fact of breaking its tightness, calcium carbide can be transported by any transport. Calcium carbide is stored in closed, ventilated areas.

    Application of calcium carbide: Calcium carbide has found its application in the metallurgical industry, becoming one of the components of steel technology. In addition, calcium carbide is used to produce acetylene and calcium cyanamide. It should be noted that a fairly affordable price for calcium carbide opens up great prospects for its mass and widespread use.

    Faction, мм25×80
    Minimum output of acetylene350 ë/êã
    Packing weight120 kg

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