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    Labomid (detergent CM-2, labomid 203, labomid M) Labomid (labomid 203, labomid M) is an effective detergent consisting of various additives and salts, as well as surfactants.

    Labomide (labomide 203, labomide M) is supplied in the form of powder from white to light gray. Labomid (labomid 203, labomid M) is not chemically susceptible to oxidation and polymerization, and is readily soluble in water. It belongs to non-flammable and non-toxic substances. Labomid (labomid 203, labomid M) is used in industry in the form of solutions.

    Indicators of the quality of the labomide The quality of the labomide is determined by the following physicochemical indicators: -concentration of hydrogen ions; - mass fraction of alcohol-soluble substances; -total alkalinity in terms of Na2O; -moisture content. Depending on the physicochemical parameters, the industry produces various brands of labomid, such as labomid 203, labomid M. Our company offers labomid 203, labomid M, other types of labomid you can purchase on order. The labomid we are selling (labomid 203, labomid M) is shipped from a bag from a warehouse in Kiev. We deliver labomid across the territory of Ukraine by road, including courier services (new mail, intime, etc.). Application of labomid (labomid 203, labomid M) The main purpose of labomide (labomid 203, labomid M) is to clean metal surfaces of various mechanisms and units, industrial equipment.

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