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    TRINATRIYFOSFAT from 6000 for a ton 2835293000

    TRINATRIYFOSFAT from 6000 for a ton
    TRINATRIYFOSFAT from 6000 for a ton
    TRINATRIYFOSFAT from 6000 for a ton
    TRINATRIYFOSFAT from 6000 for a ton
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    TRINATRIUM PHOSPHATE (SODIUM PHOSPHATE, Trisubstituted Sodium Phosphate)

    GOST 201-76

    Used in energy; pulp and paper industry; Food Industry; in the production of synthetic detergents and cleaning agents; as a surfactant in the production of cements and when drilling wells; in drilling fluids as part of a complex polymer additive to low-grade clays and powders; as well as for technical purposes (washing process equipment, degreasing surfaces, etc.) in many industries.

    Chemical formula: Na 3 PO 4 - H 2 O (twelve-one)

    Safety requirements:

    Trisodium phosphate is fire- and explosion-proof, has alkaline properties, according to the degree of impact on the body it belongs to substances of the 2nd hazard class.

    Packing :

    Trisodium phosphate is packed in four-, five-layer paper bags, polyethylene bags, paper bags with an inner layer duplicated with a rubber-bitumen mixture.

    Transportation, storage: Trisodium phosphate is transported by all types of transport by covered vehicles. By rail, the product is transported by wagonloads in covered wagons. When transporting by river transport, special containers are used. Trisodium phosphate is stored in closed, unheated warehouses.

    Guaranteed shelf life of the product: tr> Toxicity level 4 Main properties and types of danger General Properties Flakes or crystals that can cake. The product has alkaline properties. Explosion and fire hazard Trisodium phosphate is fire and explosion proof. Danger to humans Dust irritates the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract, as well as changes in the skin such as dermatitis and eczema. Personal protective equipment Cotton or cloth suit, safety shoes, mittens, respirator type ШБ-1 "Petal", goggles. Action required in emergency situations General Remove outsiders. Isolate the hazardous area within a radius of at least 50 m. Enter the hazardous area wearing protective equipment. Provide first aid to injured persons. In case of spillage, spillage and spillage Collect, pack up and use the spillage as directed. In case of fire Off. It melts at a temperature of 70 В° C. Neutralization Collect the scatter in an airtight container and use it as intended or send it to a landfill for household and industrial waste. Contaminated containers are burned or sent to an industrial waste dump. First aid measures Fresh air. Rinse skin and mucous membranes with plenty of water. In the eyes - a solution of albucid 30%. If swallowed, rinse the stomach through a tube with water.

    Directions for use: Trisodium phosphate is used for washing clothes, washing dishes and in all cases where degreasing is required. Before washing, the laundry is pre-soaked in a warm solution of trisodium phosphate (1/2 cup per bucket of water). It is recommended to leave very dirty laundry in the specified solution for 2-3 hours. Then the linen is washed and, if necessary, boiled with detergents. After washing, the laundry should be thoroughly rinsed in clean water.


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