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    Chlorine delivery on Ukraine 2828900000

    Chlorine delivery on Ukraine
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2828900000
    • The country of manufacture: Россия
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    • Brand name: Волгоградский Химпром

    Bleach, sale from a bag to a wagon ORDER DELIVERY

    Bleach is a mixture of dibasic hypochlorite salt calcium, oxychloride, chloride and calcium hydroxide. It is used as a strong oxidizing agent in the textile and paper industry for bleaching fabrics and cellulose, in some chemical industries to obtain chloroform, chloropicrin, as a degassing and disinfectant. ORDER DELIVERY As a disinfectant chlorine has a wide application, it is primarily the disinfection of water at water utilities, hospitals, domestic use, etc. Unlike modern expensive disinfectants,

    Sphere of the useAutowashings, AZS|Zhivotnovodstvo|kliniki and medical учреждения|Клининговые компании|Мясокомбинаты|Пищевая промышленность|Предприятия ZHKKH, public питания|Птицефабрики|Фармацевтическая industry

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