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    A triethanolamine is in barrels 2921199990

    A triethanolamine is in barrels
    A triethanolamine is in barrels
    A triethanolamine is in barrels
    A triethanolamine is in barrels
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    TU 2423-168-00203335-2007 TU 2423-061-05807977-2002

    Triethanolamine (nitrilotriethanol) is a colorless viscous hygroscopic liquid with a specific amine odor, infinitely miscible with water, readily soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform, poorly in saturated hydrocarbons, obtained by oxyethylation of ammonia. Formula: (HOCH 2 CH 2 ) 2 N, gross formula: C 6 H 15 NO 3 .

    Technical triethanolamine is a component of softeners for rubber, coolants, perfumes. The salts of triethanolamine and higher fatty acids are used as detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents and lubricants. Technical triethanolamine is also used as an absorbent of acid gases, a corrosion inhibitor, an auxiliary material in the production of cement and as a raw material in a number of organic syntheses.

    Physicochemical parameters

    Indicator name according to TU 2423-168-00203335-2007


    Grade A

    Grade B

    1. Appearance

    Transparent liquid, opalescence is allowed, color from yellow to dark brown, greenish tint is allowed

    2. Mass fraction of triethanolamine,%, not less



    3. Mass fraction of diethanolamine,%, no more



    4. Mass fraction of monoethanolamine,%, no more



    5. Mass fraction of water,%, no more



    6. Density at 20o C, within, g / cm3

    1.095-1, 124


    Triethanolamine is a fire hazard, according to the degree of effect on the body refers to substances of the 3rd hazard class. The guaranteed shelf life of triethanolamine is 3 years from the date of manufacture

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