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    Carbamide (urea), saltpetre is ammoniac 3102101000

    Carbamide (urea), saltpetre is ammoniac
    Carbamide (urea), saltpetre is ammoniac
    Carbamide (urea), saltpetre is ammoniac
    Carbamide (urea), saltpetre is ammoniac
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    Urea is inexpensive with delivery, a universal product for all crops and soils ORDER DELIVERY

    Today, urea (urea) is the most versatile and relatively inexpensive fertilizer. A distinctive feature of carbamide is that it is suitable for almost all crops and types of soils. This factor is important because it is not always possible for a consumer to measure soil ph, ash content and other indicators. The properties of urea are suitable for use as the main fertilizer and for fertilizing. Urea contains nitrogen as the main substance (46%), and is therefore suitable for crops such as vegetables and fruit, to increase the protein in grain with late feeding. Also, urea is widely used as the main fertilizer in meadows, pastures and just lawns. Based on the above, we can say with confidence that urea is the optimal solution when choosing a fertilizer, in terms of price / quality ratio.

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    content of nitrogenno less than 46%
    Crumblyness %, not less than100
    description of карбомидаconcentrated nitric fertilizer
    formula of carbamideCO(NH2) 2
    Grain-size distribution: mass fate of granules by a size from 195
    Mass fate of nitrogen46.4 %
    Mass fate of water %, no more0.001
    Maximal temperature of effective action40 hail.
    Original appearanceWhite or слабоокрашенные granules
    Other names of carbamideurea
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Static durability of granules, ã/ãðàíóëó, not less than500
    Temperature, 0С, no more50
    Type of fertilizerCarbamide
    Usefor the additional fertilizing of vegetable and fruit cultures,
    ГОСТGOST 2081-92

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