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    Barium nitrate for fireworks 2834292000

    Barium nitrate for fireworks
    Barium nitrate for fireworks
    Barium nitrate for fireworks
    Barium nitrate for fireworks
    Barium nitrate for fireworks
    Barium nitrate for fireworks
    Barium nitrate for fireworks
    Barium nitrate for fireworks
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    Barium nitrate and its beneficial properties
    A chemical compound with this name has long been actively used in industry. Its second name is barium nitrate.
    Barium nitrate: hazard class and main characteristics
    As for the chemical formula of this substance, it looks like this - Ba (NO3) 2. Externally, barium nitrate looks like white crystals; it also contains chlorides (0.05%), water-insoluble components (0.05%) and iron microparticles (0.001%). The moisture in the crystals of barium nitrate contains no more than 0.1%, and the mass fraction of the active substance in it is 99.3%.
    For industrial use, barium nitrate is synthesized in large quantities in two ways. The essence of the first is that barium carbonate, divided into small pieces, is dissolved in concentrated nitric acid. Thus, iron particles from it precipitate, and the finished solution is thoroughly filtered and then crystallized.
    Also crystals of barium nitrate are obtained by the reaction of interaction of barium chloride and sodium nitrate. This highly toxic substance belongs to the 5th class of hazard to human health.
    Applications of barium nitrate
    Barium nitrate is primarily worth buying in order to synthesize other types of chemical compounds based on it. But it is also allowed to use it for:
    • Making firecrackers and green fireworks.
    • Production of high-quality optical glasses - the use of barium nitrate in the process of their manufacture provides improved refractive indices of light rays in them.
    • Manufacturing of high-quality European glass with low thermal expansion.
    • Receiving pyrotechnic flashes during shots at ranges from different types of weapons. It is high-quality barium nitrate that provides a pyrotechnic charge that helps to track the trajectory of a bullet shot without the use of additional optical devices.
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