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    Barium hydroxide those 2816400000

    Barium hydroxide those
    Barium hydroxide those
    Barium hydroxide those
    Barium hydroxide those
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    Barium hydroxide (caustic barite) is one of the complex inorganic substances. It is a strong base.

    Chemical formula - Ba (OH) 2. Barium hydroxide appears as colorless crystals under standard conditions. A saturated solution of barium hydroxide is called barite water. Hygroscopic. Insoluble in alcohol, but soluble in water.

    Forms crystalline hydrates with one, two, seven and eight water molecules. Barium hydroxide is toxic, the maximum concentration limit is 0.5 mg / m?. Barium hydroxide is used as a reagent for (SO4) 2? and (CO3) 2? (sulfate and carbonate ions), for the purification of vegetable oils and animal fats, as a component of lubricants, for the removal of (SO4) 2? (sulfate ions) from industrial solutions, obtaining barium salts, as well as rubidium and cesium hydroxides from their sulfates and carbonates.

    In the sugar industry it is used to extract sugar from molasses.

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