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    Boric acid those (granules) 2810009000

    Boric acid those (granules)
    Boric acid those (granules)
    Boric acid those (granules)
    Boric acid those (granules)
    Boric acid those (granules)
    Boric acid those (granules)
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    Barium chloride (barium chloride) is a binary inorganic substance belonging to the class of salts.

    A colorless crystalline substance in the form of odorless flakes, has a layered triclinic lattice in which acid molecules are hydrogen-bonded into flat layers , the layers are interconnected by intermolecular bonds (d = 0.318 nm).

    It is used in various fields of industry. In nuclear reactors as a neutron absorber dissolved in a coolant. Boric fertilizer. In laboratories, they are used to prepare buffer solutions. In medicine - as an independent disinfectant, as well as in the form of a 2% solution - for washing the skin after contact with alkalis. Also, on the basis of boric acid, various combined preparations are produced (ATX group D08AD), for example, Teymurov's paste. In photography - as part of fine-grained developers and acidic fixers to create a weak acidic environment. In everyday life it is used to fight cockroaches.

    In the food industry - registered as a food additive E284 (in Russia this additive is not included in the list of permitted for use. In jewelry - as a basis for soldering fluxes containing gold In industry - a binder for acidic lining of furnaces.

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