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    A chlorine is in the pills of "SOLIKOR" 3808942000

    A chlorine is in the pills of "SOLIKOR"
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    from the detection of disinfectious diseases "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ) virobiztva “Baltiachemi” OU (Estonian)


    1.1. Tsya Іnstruktsіya vznacha zagalnі power of disinfection zasob "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" disinfection of fruits, vegetables, poultry eggs, storage tanks and feed water supply systems with decentralized water supply; disinfection of water for preparation of food ice and disinfection of capacities for the preparation of food; disinfection krynitsy; disinfection of water, the surface of the environment and the environment near the swimming pools; for the chlorination of technological, drainage, revolving, agitating, waste waters and systems; Come on in when you are robot and out of the way, wash it out too much.

    1.2. Name it again - disinfection problem "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ORDER DELIVERY ) .

    1.3. Virobnik - “Baltiachemi” OU (Estonia).

    1.4. Warehouse for the purpose, in the place of active and additional speech, wt. %: sodium hydroxide of dichloroisocyanuric acid - 80-85% (actively developing speech), adipic acid and sodium carbonate - 15-20% at once (additional speech).

    1.6. Spectrum of antimicrobial activity. "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ) anti-microbial power of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including S. aureus, tuberculosis and spore-producing microorganisms) h. hepatitis A, B, C, BIL-infections, influenza, parainfluenza, bird flu, SARS ("atypical pneumonia"), adenovirus, intestinal infections (including polyomyelitis), coronavirus, respiratory-synthesia, rinovirus, rotavirus infection, fungal infections It is also more effective for the humiliated and for the delayed appearance of the little ones.

    1.7. Toxicity and safety as a result. According to the parameters of the hostile toxicity, GOST 12.1.007-76 should be up to 3 class of equally unsafe speeches introduced, up to 4 a class of few unsafe speeches when applied to the school with parenteral introduction; in the form of tablets in widespread concentrations, bets are accepted up to the 4th class of poorly safe conditions.

    3. STICKY SUSPENDED 3.1. Ob'єkti zasosuvannya. Zasib "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ) vikoristovuyutsya for contaminated drinking water with decentralized (micro) water supply, winter, water, artesian, surface water in isolated reservoirs (including in water supply systems for railroad cars, river wagons, sea and sailing vessels), in individual stocks, waste systems, incl. in the minds of superstitious situations; protection of drinking water for food and drink and birds; disinfection of fruits, vegetables, poultry eggs, storage tanks and feed water supply systems with decentralized water supply; disinfection of water for preparing food ice and disinfection of capacities for yogo zberigannya; disinfection krynitsy; disinfection of water, on the surface of the surface and surroundings of the objects near the swimming pools; for the chlorination of technological, drainage, revolving, agitating, waste waters and systems; for contamination of irrigation water in greenhouse state donations.

    3.2.1. Contamination of drinking water with decentralized water supply. "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ) vikoristovuyutsya for carrying out robots for the protection of people, food and birds in the drinking water, which is for microbial indicators, like http: hrefactually /"> ORDER DELIVERY I mark it as shown, as well as for filing water for watering roselin in the minds of the stolen soil. To be stuck with decentralized water supply for contamination of drinking water, so as not to avenge the siege to plankton, and the indicator of calamity is not more than 9 mg / dm 3 , and the length of chlorine is not more than <3 mg / . Disease by means of "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ) of drinking water in case of decentralized water supply is available at the promptness to the "Instructions for the control of disinfection of domestic drinking water and for disinfection of central water supply and water supply facilities. 1967 p. No. 723a-67. Make a necessary dose for the disinfection of water and go along the path of trial chlorination for the methodology "Instructions for the control of disinfection of household drinking water and disinfection of water supply facilities with centralized and local water supply" dated 25.11.1967 p. No. 723a-67. active chlorine concentration in water, which is necessary for the effective treatment of water in the presence of water, such as "Solikloor" , as the concentration tables are necessary for 2.After 30 minutes, the water was added to clean water (artesian water, water from clean mountain rivals and lakes, wells water and filtered water from small rivulets, water from large rivers and lakes) 0.3 to surplus water - 0 , 5 mg / dm 3 .Ob'yazkovuyu vimoyu in case of unhealthy obstructed water and vidcritical dzherel є in front of the filter through the filter (for example, other fabric filter). Instead of surplus chlorine after 30 chilines, the amount of 1.4-1.6 mg / dm 3 is responsible for the addition. In order to see the excess of chlorine and any additional chlorine in the carbohydrates, it is recommended to carry out the filtration of water through the assets not to start, but not to start the chlorine in the end of the period. z GOST 18190-72 by the method of iodometric titration.

    For the purpose of quicker terms, chemical-analytical reading, as well as at “polovykh minds”, It is recommended to carry out the determination of the concentration of vіlnogo chlorine with the help of portable kits, attachments, indicator smuggles of the production company "LaMotte" (USA) or similar virobs.

    3.2.2. Water supply in the swimming pools. Disease water, which is served at the bath of swimming pools, є viscous and carried out in accordance with regulatory and methodological documents, zokrem: "Methodological instructions for the implementation of preventive disinfection in sports swimming pools" dated 31.03.80. No. 28-2 / 6 and "Recommendations for the disinfection of water, disinfection of utility rooms and the sanitary regime of operation of swimming pools" dated 19.03.75 p. No. 1229-75. To protect the water from the pools, you need a number of tablets to use "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" Before an hour of exploitation, the pool needs periodic control instead of excess chlorine water. The amount of chlorine in the sports swimming pools at rivn 0.3-0.5 mg / dm 3 , in the pools of the collective mass - 0 5-0.7 mg / dm 3 . With a significant day navantazhennі pool at a nіchny hour it is allowed to increase the concentration of surplus chlorine up to 1.5 mg / dm 3 . At the end of the day, the concentration of chlorine is guilty of but decreased to 0.7 mg / dm 3 in the case of one-hour proving of prescription. It is not allowed to change the concentration of chlorine near the water during the exploitation of the pool. Instead of surplus chlorine ORDER DELIVERY it should be used in accordance with GOST 18190-72 by the method of iodometric titration. In order to facilitate that quick term, the chemical-analytical evaluation of the concentration of chlorine is recommended to be carried out with the help of portable sets, attached, indicator smudges by the manufacturer "LaMotte" (USA). Periodicity of the control of visas is initiated by formal regulatory documents for the exploitation of pools. * The infection can be carried out with the addition of 0.5% of the food used In case of disinfection with prophylactic treatment before the disinfection does not work, disinfection of the cryinitium should be done in an ordinary way by cleaning the brain and disinfection .

    Sickening water for preparing grub ice. it is necessary to count the number of tablets with the help of "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ) near the water, instead of the surplus chlorine in the amount of 0.3-0.5 mg / dm3 3 (1 tablet for 3-5 m 3 lead) to freeze the water.

    3.2.7. Disinfection of containers for the collection of drinkable water and grub ice. The surface of the tanks should be disinfected with the help of "Solikloor" ("Solikloor" ) with a concentration of active chlorine 0.0025%. Flush the tanks (tanks) with tap water.

    4.4. Zarezhnі go in the sinks for the cleaning okremikh ob'єktіv. For the purpose of conducting disinfection with a stretch of 15 quills.


    5.1. Signs of a hostile detachment . For wiping out the not-catching guardians of the eyes from individuals with an increased sensitivity to active chlorine, you can see the sign of the subtle mucous membranes of the eyes (fig, tearing) that organ dyhannya (dere at the throat, cough, often dichannya, seeing from the nose), maybe headache.

    5.2. Come in first help with the subtle organs of the patient. When there is a sign of the subtlety of the organs of the victim, you can take from the working suppression due to the fact that, in good condition, drink warmth, drink warmth and drink warm water. Assistant Ingestion 2.0% water-soda solution (1 teaspoon of drinking soda per bottle of water), if necessary, turn up to liquor.

    5.3. Come first for help if you get caught in your eyes. In case of falling into the eye, it must be passed through flowing water with a drop of decalcine. In case of subtle mucous membranes, drip in the eyes of 30% sulphacyl sodium, if necessary, turn to the drug. ORDER DELIVERY

    5.4. Come first for help if you get into the school. If you get into the school, it is necessary to use the flowing water, if you need to make the school, you need to use the cream. If you get caught on a workman, it is necessary to take a child, and dilyanku shkiri by means of a flowing water.

    5.5. Come in first help if you get into the slurry. If you get into the slurry, give the patient a bottle of water, maybe 10-20 supplemented tablets of active vugilla. If necessary, turn to liquor.


    6.1. Packages are ready for use. For “Solikloor” (“Solikloor” ) you can buy packages from different types of packaging: polymeric vidra (for example, 1800 pieces each), cans with krishkoy, which can be screwed on, 100 і 300 pieces, cans of 250, 750, 1500 pieces, polymeric tubes of 10, 20 pieces, bags of 1 tablet each.

    6.2. Clean up the transport by yourself. Transport by car, outdoor, air or sea transport according to the rules of transportation of all categories of vantages.

    6.3. Term and think about it. Guaranteed term of zberigannya - 5 rocky in the form of a date of payment for the death of a zberigannya in a closed pakuvanni virobnik.


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