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    DEZEFEKT the tested mean 291800000

    DEZEFEKT the tested mean
    DEZEFEKT the tested mean
    DEZEFEKT the tested mean
    DEZEFEKT the tested mean
    DEZEFEKT the tested mean
    DEZEFEKT the tested mean
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    for disinfection, sterilization cleaning and sanitary processing of a wide range of objects. I will once again antimicrobial, miyuchu and deodorant for ORDER DELIVERY

    1.1. Zasib "Defect" (TU U 25636704.010 - 98) - concentrated ridina of green color, good for the water. It is a composition, as a result of the complex of two-quarter ammonium spoluks - n-alkyldimethylbenzyl-ammonium chloride (4.5%), n-alkyldimethylbenzyl-ammonium chloride (4.5%) and others. We should not take revenge on aldehydes, phosphates, active chlorine, acidity and other aggressive and ecologically unsafe components.

    Term zberigannya zasobu - 5 rockyv.

    1.2. Zasіb "Dezefekt" Got antimіkrobnu aktivnіst in vіdnoshennі rіznomanіtnih Gram i gram-positive mіkroorganіzmіv (in addition chislі bakterіy groupies kishkovoї palichki pathogenic stafіlokoku, gnilіsnih that vegetative forms sporoutvoryuyuchih bakterіy) zbudnikіv respіratornih that kishkovih vіrusnih іnfektsіynih zahvoryuvan that plіsnyavih gribіv.


    Adjusting the temperature of the working detectors up to 50 В° C and increasing the anti-microbial activity.

    Thanks to the power of power, as it will adapt when the working temperature is adjusted up to 50 В° C, as well as calcium soda added to them. Effectively saw fatty fat, overshkodzhaє set up a siege on the walls of small van and on the inner surfaces of the canalization pipes. It is easy to move over the crumbling surfaces without overlapping slides.

    Because of the lack of deodorant power, it is not easy to get rid of it, it is not corrosive, it is not healthy, it is not physically difficult. Thank you for the cute and annoying surface-active speeches.

    “Defect” is not always unintelligible that vibuhone-unsafe speech.

    1.3. For the parameters of hostile toxicity, they are considered to be of class IV, not safe for GOST 12.1.003-76 (poorly safe speech) when introduced into the slurry and when the ingestion is not due to sensibilization; I will use the concentrate at the viglyadi and I will make the micevo-podraznyuchu performance. Not flyy, not a little offensive odor, I do not mimic the mucilaginous sheaths of the eyes and the upper dystopian nobles. Robotic detections in case of repeated applications wipe the dryness and hulling of the skin. When growing for an auxiliary hydraulic control unit or the technical possession of the aerosol in the eyes, the sleek shells of the eyes and dykhalnyh nobles are teased.

    1.4. At the enterprises of bakery, confectionery industry, and in the enterprises of the company "Defect", one should be victorious:

    і inventory, technological possession, surface in virobnichny, sanitary-technical and whitewash applications when carrying out current and general tidying up;

    Vikoristovuyu to the range of room or adjustable temperature (40-45 В° C).

  • Prophylactic disinfection of the surface, technological, refrigeration and commercial possessions, dishes, tariffs, inventory, transport .
  • The surfaces at the side (podlog, walls, doors, etc.), the surfaces of the tables for making cakes and drinks, technological (including cooking boilers, tanks for collecting syrup, tea, conveyors and , refrigeration and commercial possession (wagons, counters, windows, refrigerators, etc.), wipe the internal shop transport with servet, soaked at 0.4% of the range at 30 minutes, or at 0.3% at 40 times. The norm of vitrati roschin - 100 ml per 1 m 2 surface.
  • ;

    To carry out the processing by the method of cultivation behind an auxiliary hydraulic control unit, or even if it is sufficient, if the norm is vitratic, the size is 250-300 ml per 1 m 2 surface. When the exhibition is finished, I can see the surplus of workmanship from the surface with dry servettes.

    Sanitary and technical possession twice wipe the ganchir or to clean it with a brush, I need 0.8% 30 khiliin.

    The surface of the sanitary and technical possession for disinfection does not require rinsing with water.

    3.4. Disinfection of dishes, inventory (trays, dishes, scoops for cream, spoons, scoops, etc.), details of technological possession, The internal workshop and the zorotnyi tarry are healthy, when the front mitt is in the range of the defect, the path is bored in 0.1% of the range for the "Defect" at a temperature of 40 -45 В° C for 15 quilins. With a wide range of problems, there can be vicories for 1-2 working changes.

    For additional processes of mitt and disinfection, for mechanical cleaning and spilling 0.1% with hot water, the solution was "Defect", so that you could use it in a whole range of 15 chilines. With a wide range of problems, you can be victorious in the face of the same war. Also, it is necessary to add soda ash in a quantity of 2.5 g per 1 liter of the product to make up to 0.1% of the size of the product "Defect". You can vikoristovuvat such a difference up to two working snaps.

    In case of obstructed and lowered health problems, it is necessary to change it earlier.

    3.5. Water tanks, pipelines of supply systems for candied-salt rose, milk-candied syrup, egg products and others, using the front mitt, disinfected by the method of filling 0.4% for 30 quills or 0.3% for 40 calories with a circulating amount the difference.

    3.6. On top of that, there may be contact with food products and syruvina, after the end of the hour of disinfection, it is then washed with water until there is a clear amount of water (until a pin is found).

    3.7. Processing of eggs, as vikoristovuyut in the confectionery virobniztvі, zgіsnyutsya zgіdno "State sanitary rules for enterprises (workshops), vyroblyayut confectionery virobi with cream ", hardened by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 28.08.91 p. No. 262. At the same time, when soaking an egg, a" Defect "in a concentration of 0.1% for 10 for whom to polish near flowing water.

    3.8. Sanitary processing of vehicles for transporting grubby syruin and finished products should be found in compliance with "Sanitary rules for food trade enterprises" R. At the same time, the inner surfaces of the bodies are fueled by the mitta and rinsing of the disinfection in the regimes established for the disinfection of the surfaces of the affected people (p. З.З.).

    4. Please come in

    4.1. All robots with the help of "Defect" then carry out the grasping shkіra of hands with gum mittens, zapobіgayuchi hitting in the eyes and on the shkіra.

    4.2. When working out of the way, it is necessary to follow the rules of special hygiene. Barrage to fire, drink and take it. Writing robots and exposing your hands to follow

    imitating a cute one.

    4.3. By means of a rosebud, using the method of shaping it up, it is carried out from the sealed organs of the device with universal respirators of the RPG-67 type, or RU-60M with a cartridge of the B type, either analogous, and the eyes - with sealed eyepieces.

    4.4. We are happy to save you some food and drink products in places that are inaccessible to third parties.

    5. Come in first help

    1. If you get into the skirting with flowing water.
    2. If you get into your eyes, you need to get some good With water on the side of 10-15 quilins, when dripping 1-2 specks of 30% in the eyes of dripping sulphacyl sodium. If necessary, turn up to liquor.
    3. If you get into the slunk, you need to drink a glass of water, then take 10-20 tablets of active vug. Do not blot out!
    4. If the rules for carrying out robots are broken, there may be signs of teasing mucous membranes of the upper dicks and eyes (pulling at the throat, coughing, breath, lingering) and so on. Anyone who suffers from the victim needs to be guided by the witness, give yomu rinse your mouth with water and warm pitta (tea, milk). If necessary, turn up to a lykar.

    6. Transport and storage

    1. "Defect" is stored in the packaging of the virobnik in the places that are inaccessible for the zalny corystuvannya at temperatures not lower than 10 В° C and not at least 50 В° C.
    2. "Defect" is transported by private and automobile transport according to the rules of transportation of all categories of vantages.

    Table 1

    Prepared working decisions.


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