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    Dezekon is a decision of disinfection for медицыны 2828900000

    Dezekon is a decision of disinfection for медицыны
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    cleansing and sanitary treatment of a wide range of objects, zokrem, surface priming, virobes of a medical sign, medical condition, cuves for new women


    you will be able to get started with DEZEKON OM ( “DISECON OM”)

    for disinfection of pre-sterilization cleaning


    1.1. Another name for this is - for the disinfectant "DISECON OM".

    1.2. Virobnik - BALTIACHEMI OU (Estonia).

    1.3. Warehouse for the purpose, in the place of active and additional speech, wt. % - didecyldimethylammonium chloride - not less than 9.0, aminopropyldodecylpropaniumin - not less than 5.0, polyhexamethylenebiguanid hydrochloride - not less than 0.98 (various speech components), and also additional aroma regulator , water) - up to 100.0. The vimoga of the koristuvach may not include the flavoring agent and barvnik before the warehouse.

    1.4. Form of release and physical and chemical power. Zasіb is a rare prosorium concentrate of blue color with the smell (or without) a flavoring agent. The pH value of 1.0% (for the preparation) of the aqueous solution becomes 10.0 В± 0.5 (at 20 o C). Would be kind to sit with the cold that hot water at any person. Water-based detections for clear-sightedness, with a faint smell of aroma and for a small amount of food; may be turned around and deodorant power, as it will adapt when the temperature of the working problems is adjusted; in the recommended modes of storing, do not use virobes from metals, skins, polymeric materials, gum, piece shkiri, lacoparbove and galvanized pokrittya, do not use barriers and do not change the quality of fabrics; do not fix the obstruction on the surfaces of the obrob obrob; kindly zmivayutsya from the crumbling surfaces, not overlapping the beaches of that nalota. It is insane with aldehydes, strong oxides, and anionic surface-active miniaceae and mils; sum_sny with caustic and soda ash. Thanks to that yogo robochі razchini pozhezho-, vibuho-safety. ORDER DELIVERY

    - for protection before disposing of vicarious viruses of the medical designation of a disposable victorian and transplanting material;

    - for further disinfection and anti-infectiousness in the generals when the generals tidy up in the commercial and prophylactic mortgages, for the children and in the chief mortgages, for the enterprises - for the disinfection of the professional; at drug-prophylactic mortgages, in pharmacies, at pharmaceutical enterprises, perfumery and cosmetic, food-processing industry; in boarding houses, sanatoriums and other health care facilities for older adults and children (including rooms for functional diagnostics, physiotherapy, balneology); from childish and educational pledges of accreditation; in the settings of social security for children and older children, penitentiary settings; on living and communal facilities (including for disinfection of smitt-conductors, containers and tanks for smittya); at rugged warehouses, railway stations and facilities for securing all types of transport, incl. zakrem (zokrem, passenger, diesel electric power, vantage wagons and containers, designated for transporting food products and food products) and huge; in cars for medical aid; cosmetology cabinets tosho); ORDER DELIVERY

    - for disinfection of ventilation systems and air conditioning (including air conditioning, split- systems, air conditioning, ventilation filters, conduits) in medical facilities, in offices, hotels, at the enterprises of the food industry, large food supplies, as for professional use, as a professional method; Significant objects of the sanitary-hygienic and anti-sanitary-hygienic and other documents, normative-methodical rules; the extent of the measures of the sanitary-hygienic procedures; that slaughter of the fancy.

    1. 6. The spectrum of antimicrobial action . Zasib "DEZEKON OM" is bactericidal (including tuberculosis *, P. aeruginosa and S. aureus), virulicidal (including hepatitis B, C, VIL, herpes, flu), fungal infections (including tuberculosis , including in the dispute form) power. When the temperature rises, the antimicrobial activity and the healthiness increase. ( Note. * Mycobactericidal and tuberculocidal for diagnostics on test cultures of M. terrae .)

    1.7. Toxicity and safety as a result . For the parameters of hostile toxicity, GOST 12.1. 007-76 it is necessary to establish up to the 4th class of non-safety (not enough non-safety speech) when applied to the shkira, the ingalatization of the mind in the minds of a strong vaping, and up to the 3rd class of non-safety (in addition to the non-safety speech) when introduced. There is no reason for sensitizing, mutagenic, teratogenic, gonadotoxic and carcinogenic effects. At the viglyadі concentrate, when applied to the wicker skin, the dryness of the skin, teasing the mucus membrane of the eyes. Working out how not to tease the skin, with repeated applications, the dryness of the skin is vicious, in the eyes of the aerosol it teases the mucous membranes of the eyes and the wicked nobles.


    2.1. The methodology for preparing working solutions . Working out the way "DEZEKON OM" is ready to go to the places with any material, the way to use the water. In deyakih vipadkah, napriklad for prigotuvannya robochem rozchinіv zasobu "DEZEKON OM" priznachenih for dezіnfektsії, poєdnanoї of dosterilіzatsіynim purified virobіv medichnogo priznachennya, abo s metoyu posilennya miynih vlastivostey for prigotuvannya rozchinіv vikoristovuyut garjachego water abo nagrіvayut rozchin, of metoyu bringing Yogo pochatkovoї temperature up to 50 В± 2 В° C.

    2.2. Rozrakhunks for preparing robotic solutions. For preparing robotic rosters, use the rosters pointed to in tables 1.

    2.3. Terms and conditions of the working man .


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