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    Diphenylamine ((N-фенил)-анилин) 2921440000

    Diphenylamine ((N-фенил)-анилин)
    Diphenylamine ((N-фенил)-анилин)
    Diphenylamine ((N-фенил)-анилин)
    Diphenylamine ((N-фенил)-анилин)
    Diphenylamine ((N-фенил)-анилин)
    Diphenylamine ((N-фенил)-анилин)
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    Diphenylamine is a precursor in the production of antioxidants for polymers.

    Diphenylamine ((N-phenyl) -aniline) is colorless crystals that darken in the light, melting point 54-55 В° C, boiling point 302 В° C. Easily soluble in diethyl ether, benzene, acetone, carbon tetrachloride.

    Solubility at 25 В° C in 100 g ethanol - 44 g, methanol - 57.5 g, water - 0.03 g. Diphenylamine - original a product in the production of antioxidants for polymers; stabilizer and phlegmatizer for thermal and weather resistance of cellulose nitrates, including pyroxylin powder; an intermediate product in the synthesis of triarylmethane and azo dyes, insecticides; corrosion inhibitor for mild steel.

    Used in analytical chemistry to detect ions,, and other oxidants, as a redox indicator (E0 = + 0.75 V).

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