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    A methylene is chlorous those 2903120000

    A methylene is chlorous those
    A methylene is chlorous those
    A methylene is chlorous those
    A methylene is chlorous those
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    Dichloromethane (methylene chloride, DCM, CH2Cl2) is a transparent, highly mobile and highly volatile liquid with a sweet odor characteristic of halogen derivatives.

    Cheapness, high ability to dissolve many organic substances, ease of removal, relatively low toxicity led to wide its use as a solvent for carrying out reactions, extractions, including in laboratories.

    In the food industry it is used to prepare instant coffee, hop extract and other food preparations. For dissolving resins, fats, bitumen. Its high volatility is used for foaming polyurethanes. It is used for chemical cleaning of clothes.

    In the manufacture of photographs and films As a means for removing old paintwork, made on the basis of melamine-formaldehyde, pentaphthalic, alkyd, perchlorovinyl, glyphthalic, acrylic, vinyl, epoxy and other resins.

    Paint removal with methylene can be carried out on a wide variety of surfaces such as metal, concrete, ceramics and others .

    Also, methylene chloride is required in the production of low-density foam rubber and for dissolving polyurethane foam. Methylene chloride is used in the production of chemical fiber as a solvent (a mixture of methylene chloride and ethyl alcohol). Silk threads are formed when the solvent evaporates.


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