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    Sodium is sulphureous those 2833110000

    Sodium is sulphureous those
    Sodium is sulphureous those
    Sodium is sulphureous those
    Sodium is sulphureous those
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    Sodium sulfide is a complex inorganic substance with the chemical formula Na2S.

    Sodium sulfide is an oxygen-free salt. White, very hygroscopic. Melts without decomposition, thermally stable. Let's well dissolve in water, hydrolyzes by anion, creates a strongly alkaline environment in solution. When standing in air, the solution becomes cloudy (colloidal sulfur) and turns yellow (polysulfide color).

    Typical reducing agent. Attaches sulfur. It enters into ion exchange reactions. Sodium sulfide is used in the production of sulphurous dyes and cellulose, to remove the hairline of hides when tanning leather, as a reagent in analytical chemistry.

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