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    Pair-aminophenol of ÷ 2922290090

    Pair-aminophenol of ÷
    Pair-aminophenol of ÷
    Pair-aminophenol of ÷
    Pair-aminophenol of ÷
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    Paraaminophenol is the para-isomer of aminophenol. White crystals, m.p. 186 ° С. At 0 ° C, 1 g of paraaminophenol dissolves in 90 g of water or 22 g of alcohol.

    Well soluble in hot water and alcohol, insoluble in benzene and chloroform. Strong reducing agent; easily oxidized by atmospheric oxygen, especially in alkaline solutions. Forms salts with acids and alkalis. Used in the synthesis of many organic dyes.

    Para-aminophenol is widely used for the production of dyes, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the production of film, photographic materials, for dyeing fur, for making hair dyes, etc.


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