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    Para-fenilendiamin those 2921511900

    Para-fenilendiamin those
    Para-fenilendiamin those
    Para-fenilendiamin those
    Para-fenilendiamin those
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    Para-phenylenediamine, p-diaminobenzene, organic compound, para-phenylenediamine isomer.

    Strong reducing agent, easily oxidized by atmospheric oxygen, colorless crystals, darkening in air and light. Tm 147 В° C (140 В° C), tkip 267 В° C. Let's well dissolve in alcohol and ether, 1 g of paraphenylenediamine dissolves in 100 g of cold water.

    Forms salts with mineral acids. Para-phenylenediamine (Ursol Black D) is widely used in analytical chemistry, for the production of an antioxidant for rubbers, various organic sulfo- and azo dyes (for fabrics, furs and hair), and also as a developer for color and black-and-white photographic and video films.

    With the help of dyes based on ursol in the leather industry, fur dyeing is achieved in almost any color. For instance,

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