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    Sebacic acid 2917131000

    Sebacic acid
    Sebacic acid
    Sebacic acid
    Sebacic acid
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    Sebacic acid (decandioic acid) HOOC (CH2) 8COOH is a dibasic saturated carboxylic acid (lat. sebaceus - candle oil, lard).

    Colorless crystals It has all the chemical properties characteristic of carboxylic acids. Salts and esters of sebacic acid are called sebacates.

    Sebacic acid is used industrially for the production of polyamide plastics, cold-resistant plasticizers. Of the esters of sebacic acid, dibutyl and dioctyl sebacates are used as PVC plasticizers, diisobutyl sebacate is used as a plasticizer for a number of elastomers.

    In addition, esters are used in the production of hydraulic fluids. It is used in the production of alkyd resins, maleic and other esters (as a stabilizer). For polyurethanes, paint and varnish industry. It is also an intermediate in the production of antiseptics and adhesives, used in cosmetics, candles, etc.

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