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    Stearin acid, those (Indonesia) 3823110000

    Stearin acid, those (Indonesia)
    Stearin acid, those (Indonesia)
    Stearin acid, those (Indonesia)
    Stearin acid, those (Indonesia)
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    Stearic acid (octadecanoic acid) is a monobasic carboxylic acid of the aliphatic series corresponding to the formula C18H36O2.

    White crystals, insoluble in water and soluble in diethyl ether. The areas of application of stearic acid are very diverse and cover many industrial and domestic sectors.

    It serves as an activator in accelerators of vulcanization processes, a dispersant in rubber fillers, and a softener (plasticizer). The direct introduction of stearic acid into the rubber helps to improve the distribution of components and the degree of processability of the rubber compound.

    The tendency of the main component of stearic acid (stearin) to migrate contributes to the fact that the tackiness of the rubber compound decreases. Stearic acid has found wide application in pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, where it acts as a component responsible for the formation of a structure and an emulsifier for creams. Stearic acid is also irreplaceable for a chemical laboratory, with its help calcium, magnesium and lithium are determined.

    For polishing pastes, stearic acid is an invariable component. Stearic acid salts are effectively used in road construction for the production of bitumen, in the extraction of certain types of ores.

    In addition, stearic acid products are used in the production of detergents, lubricants, as a stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, a component of paints and varnishes, cements and fabrics .

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