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    Sul'faminovaya acid those (China, Russia) 2811198000

    Sul'faminovaya acid those (China, Russia)
    Sul'faminovaya acid those (China, Russia)
    Sul'faminovaya acid those (China, Russia)
    Sul'faminovaya acid those (China, Russia)
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    Sulfamic, or sulfamic, acid - colorless crystals, readily soluble in water and weakly reacting to organic solvents.

    Also called sulfuric acid monoamide, amido-sulfuric acid. The substance has a wide range of applications in dozens of areas of human activity.

    Water-soluble. Decomposes into H2O, SO2, SO3, N2 when heated to 260 degrees. Sulfamic acid (amidosulfuric) is used as a means for cleaning swimming pools and water-cooling systems from mucous deposits, for cleaning industrial equipment from hardness salts, ferrous compounds and other deposits of a mineral nature, removes beer and milk stone, in catering establishments and in everyday use it is used for sanitizing kitchen utensils and accessories, is a part of detergents.

    Serves as a raw material in the process of chemical synthesis, necessary for obtaining fire-resistant compounds, herbicides. It is used in the electroplating field. It is used for treatment of formations adjacent to the well in the developed oil fields. The advantages of sulfamic acid include the neutrality of the waste solution, which makes it possible to do without special disposal, the sparing effect of the acid on metals, as well as high purification efficiency, surpassing the capabilities of other acids and alkalis: hydrochloric, nitric, caustic soda.


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