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    Urotropinum those 2933694000

    Urotropinum those
    Urotropinum those
    Urotropinum those
    Urotropinum those
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    • The country of manufacture: Китай, Европа
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    • Brand name: Европа

    Urotropine (hexamethylenetetramine) is a white crystalline powder obtained by the chemical interaction of formaldehyde and ammonia.

    Depending on its purpose, the following types of urotropine are produced: K - large-crystalline urotropine; C - urotropine containing various crystals (polydisperse) and M - fine crystalline urotropine.

    Urotropine is widely used in the production of plastics, lacquer films, synthetic rubber. Urotropine is essential in medicine as a diuretic and antibacterial agent. In analytical chemistry, it is used as a reagent for the preparation of buffer solutions. Also, urotropine is very intensively used in the food industry and in pyrotechnics.

    For the transportation of urotropine, transport is used, complying with the approved Rules for the carriage of dangerous goods. Urotropin is usually transported by covered transport in multilayer paper bags with two bituminous layers. Urotropine technical is stored in dry warehouses with good ventilation at a sufficient distance from various sources of ignition and oxidants.

    The guaranteed shelf life of urotropine usually does not exceed 3 years.

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