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    A chloric lime (Russia) is a 3-sort 2828900000

    A chloric lime (Russia) is a 3-sort
    A chloric lime (Russia) is a 3-sort
    A chloric lime (Russia) is a 3-sort
    A chloric lime (Russia) is a 3-sort
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    Chlorine lime is a white powdery product of an alkaline reaction with a chlorine smell, a mixture of various calcium salts.

    The quality of bleach is determined by the content of active chlorine in it (chlorine, which is displaced by the action of acids on bleach). Chlorine lime contains 35вЂвЂќ32вЂвЂќ26% active chlorine.

    When dissolved in water, forms a suspension. The precipitate consists of insoluble salts CaCOZi Ca (OH) 2. Chlorine lime has a strong oxidizing effect, which can lead to a decrease in the strength of fabrics and corrosion of metal products.

    Bleach is used for disinfection purposes for intestinal, drip and other infections; tuberculosis, anthrax in the form of clarified solutions (normal and activated), chlorine-lime milk and in dry form.

    < table > Packing Units rev. 20 kg

    Form of supply of materialPowder
    To exterminate a kindchloric
    To exterminate a sort1
    To exterminate типа1-3 sort
    Weight30 kg

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