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    A chrome (III) is an oxide, (99 % - min) (Kazakhstan) 2819909000

    A chrome (III) is an oxide, (99 % - min) (Kazakhstan)
    A chrome (III) is an oxide, (99 % - min) (Kazakhstan)
    A chrome (III) is an oxide, (99 % - min) (Kazakhstan)
    A chrome (III) is an oxide, (99 % - min) (Kazakhstan)
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    A chrome (III) is an oxide, (99 % - min) (Kazakhstan) Bulk prices
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2819909000
    • The country of manufacture: Евро Союз
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    • Brand name: Европа

    Chromium oxide is a finely dispersed green powder.

    It has high hiding power, light, heat, weather resistance and resistance to aggressive gases. Chromium oxide is insoluble in water, hardly soluble in acids and alkalis, easily oxidized by molten oxidants (nitrates, perchlorates), air in the presence of alkalis, hot solutions of some oxidizing agents. Has the hardness of corundum, scratches quartz.

    Pigment is used in the paint and varnish industry for the manufacture of primers, paints and enamels (including heat-resistant ones), as well as for the manufacture of various types of art and printing inks, painting plastics, glass enamels and etc. In the production of building materials as a pigment.

    Metallurgical is used in the metallurgical industry for the production of metallic chromium, abrasive materials and in the production of refractories. Abrasive is used in watchmaking, instrument-making, mechanical engineering and other industries for polishing processes.

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