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    Chromic anhydride those (Kazakhstan) 2819100000

    Chromic anhydride those (Kazakhstan)
    Chromic anhydride those (Kazakhstan)
    Chromic anhydride those (Kazakhstan)
    Chromic anhydride those (Kazakhstan)
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    Chromium (VI) oxide (chromium trioxide, chromic anhydride), CrO3 is a compound of chromium with oxygen, dark red crystals, readily soluble in water.

    Chromic and dichromic acid anhydride. Chromic anhydride is widely used for electrolytic chromium plating of various products, after which they acquire high corrosion resistance and high hardness. With the help of grade A anhydride, superhard materials (carbide alloys) are obtained.

    It is used in the production of casting as an element increasing the hardness in the composition of core and molding mixtures, for etching, chromium plating and chromating, passivation and other processes. In addition, it is a raw material for the production of chromium by electrolytic methods.

    It is used as a strong oxidizing agent and dye (to obtain indigo, isatin and other paints) in both organic and inorganic chemistry. Mixed with diatomaceous earth it is used to purify acetylene. It can serve as a catalyst for a number of processes.

    Chromium mixture (a solution of chromic anhydride or potassium dichromate in sulfuric acid) is used in laboratory practice to clean dishes from contamination with organic matter of various types. It is occasionally used in pyro-compositions.

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