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    Zinc сернокислый those 2833292000

    Zinc сернокислый those
    Zinc сернокислый those
    Zinc сернокислый those
    Zinc сернокислый those
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    Zinc sulfate 7-water is a crystalline white powder. It can be in the form of crystals, which eventually erode in the air.

    Synonyms - zinc sulfate, zincteral. It dissolves in water. Zinc sulfate is actively used in electroplating, as well as in the production of artificial fibers.

    Pharmaceuticals also use this substance in their work. Micronutrient fertilizers and feed additives are well obtained from zinc sulfate. Zinc sulfate is used as a mordant in the textile industry, and as a bleach in the pulp and paper industry.

    Zinc sulfate is also needed in the production of viscose, glazes, it is also good for protecting wood from decay, it is also necessary in metallurgy. Eye drops are made from zinc sulfate, dentistry also actively uses this chemical element.

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