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    Oil ксилол 3814009019

    Oil ксилол
    Oil ксилол
    Oil ксилол
    Oil ксилол
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    • ТН ВЭД: 3814009019
    • The country of manufacture: Евро Союз
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    • Brand name: Европа

    Petroleum xylene is a mixture of three isomers of xylene and ethylbenzene, obtained in the process of aromatization of petroleum fractions.

    Chemical formula С8Н10. It is a colorless liquid that does not contain impurities and water. Xylene is used as a solvent for varnishes, paints, mastics, etc.

    Also used in the synthesis of dyes. Petroleum xylene is a part of mixed solvents 649, 650, R-5, R-12, RS-2, RKB-1, etc., used to dissolve epoxy, vinyl, acrylic, organosilicon polymers, nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber.

    Packing Units rev.
    175 kg
    Type of material
    Type of solventtoluene

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