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    Alcohol isopropyl хч (DOW) 2905120020

    Alcohol isopropyl хч (DOW)
    Alcohol isopropyl хч (DOW)
    Alcohol isopropyl хч (DOW)
    Alcohol isopropyl хч (DOW)
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    Isopropyl alcohol, propanol-2 (2-propanol), isopropanol, dimethylcarbinol, IPA - the simplest secondary monohydric alcohol of the aliphatic series.

    Colorless liquid with a characteristic alcoholic odor, more harsh than ethanol (by which can be distinguished in some cases), melting point -89.5 В° C, boiling point 82.4 В° C, density 0.7851 g / cm? (at 20 В° C), flash point 11.7 В° C.

    Isopropyl alcohol is used to obtain acetone (by dehydrogenation or incomplete oxidation), hydrogen peroxide, methyl isobutyl ketone, isopropyl acetate, isopropylamine. Due to the special government regulation of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol is often a substitute for it in many areas of its application.

    For example, isopropanol is part of: cosmetics perfumes and household chemicals disinfectants for cars (antifreeze, solvent in winter windscreen washers) repellents for washing printed circuit boards after soldering with flux, sold under the name "Universal cleaner".

    Isopropyl alcohol is used in industry, for cutting aluminum, turning, other works. Mixed with oil, it significantly increases productivity. Isopropyl alcohol is used as a reference standard in gas chromatography (for example, when testing medicines for residual organic solvents).


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