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    Karnitin is a hydrochloride (L) 2923900000

    Karnitin is a hydrochloride (L)
    Karnitin is a hydrochloride (L)
    Karnitin is a hydrochloride (L)
    Karnitin is a hydrochloride (L)
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    L-carnitine is an amino acid related to B vitamins (l-carnitine is also called vitamin BT or B11)

    It is synthesized in the body. L-carnitine has anabolic, antihypoxic and antithyroid effects, as well as stimulates the regenerative activity of tissues, improves appetite and activates fat metabolism. Endogenous l-carnitine is synthesized mainly in the liver.

    Exogenous l-carnitine has properties similar to exogenous substances. The drug helps to normalize metabolic processes that support the activity of coenzyme A. L-carnitine slows down the breakdown of protein and carbohydrate compounds by stimulating fat metabolism.

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