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    Sul'fanilovaya acid of чда 2811198000

    Sul'fanilovaya acid of чда
    Sul'fanilovaya acid of чда
    Sul'fanilovaya acid of чда
    Sul'fanilovaya acid of чда
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    Sulfanilic acid - is a white to gray crystals that decompose at 280-300 В° C, slightly soluble in water (1 g in 100 g at 20 В° C)

    Sulfanilic acid is an internal salt, in which the amino group is neutralized with the remainder of the sulfonic acid, therefore it does not form salts with mineral acids, but its sulfonic group can be neutralized with alkalis. Sulfanilic acid is used as an analytical reagent.

    It is used in the synthesis of dyes. In the laboratory, sulfanilic acid is used to determine nitrites and to detect certain metals (osmium, ruthenium, etc.). Sulfanilic acid amide found application in medicine: H2N — C6H4 — SO2NH2, sulfanilamide, called white streptocide, and some of its derivatives (albucid, sulgin, sulfidine, sulfadimezin, sulfazole).

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