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    Treonin (L) of CJ

    Treonin (L) of CJ
    Treonin (L) of CJ
    Treonin (L) of CJ
    Treonin (L) of CJ
    Treonin (L) of CJ
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    L-threonine is an essential amino acid that participates in building muscle protein, maintains proper protein balance in the body.

    Threonine also improves the condition of the cardiovascular system, liver, central nervous system and immune function. Glycine and serine can be synthesized from threonine in the body. These two amino acids are essential for building collagen, elastin and muscle tissue.

    Threonine helps to strengthen muscles (including the myocardium) and ligaments. In addition, threonine makes bones less fragile and increases the strength of the tooth enamel. Threonine, along with methionine, improves the lipotropic function of the liver, that is, the breakdown of fats and fatty acids.

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