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    Ascorbic acid of фарм 2936270000

    Ascorbic acid of фарм
    Ascorbic acid of фарм
    Ascorbic acid of фарм
    Ascorbic acid of фарм
    Ascorbic acid of фарм
    Ascorbic acid of фарм
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    Ascorbic acid, an organic compound related to glucose, is one of the main substances in the human diet.

    They are necessary for the normal functioning of connective and bone tissue. It performs the biological functions of a reducing agent and a coenzyme of some metabolic processes, and is an antioxidant. Only one of the isomers is biologically active - L-ascorbic acid, which is called vitamin C. In nature, ascorbic acid is found in many fruits and vegetables.

    In pharmacology, it is used as a fortifying and stimulating the immune system in various diseases (colds , oncological, etc.), as well as prophylactically in case of insufficient intake with food, for example, in the winter-spring period. Ascorbic acid is also introduced for carbon monoxide poisoning, methemoglobin formers in large doses - up to 0.25 ml / kg of 5% solution per day.

    The drug is a powerful antioxidant, normalizes redox processes. Ascorbic acid and its sodium (sodium ascorbate), calcium and potassium salts are used in the food industry as antioxidants E300 - E305, preventing product oxidation.

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